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between September 15, 2022 and January 15, 2023:

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As an emerging photographer: Best Work by an Emerging Photographer

Please check with the Terms and Conditions of Entry, whether you belong to the group of either professional or emerging photographers as defined for our competition.

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Can I also take part when I have completed my studies in photography, or have qualified as a photographer, but am not yet earning more than 50% of my income with photography? If you work as an assistant for one or more photographers (as a member of staff or a freelancer), you may enter your work in the category ‘Best Emerging Photographer’. You must also provide verified proof of your employment as a photographic assistant signed by the professional photographer by whom you were employed. A waiting period of 6 months applies. This means that, at the time of entry, your studies in photography, qualification as a photographer, or your employment as a photographic assistant, may not have been completed longer than six months ago.

** Important!

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award promotes outstanding photography and places particular emphasis on the high quality of the photography submitted. The following minimum requirements are expected to be satisfied with regard to image formats.

Please also note our Terms and Conditions of Entry concerning this.